Your Outsourced Workers and Power Outages

In my experience, the Philippines has one of the best if not the best outsourced workers in the world. They are hard-working, always willing to go the extra mile, honest and they have excellent English communication skills. With Filipino outsourced workers, you always get the value for your money.

The downside of hiring outsourced workers from the Philippines is that you have to deal with the power outages. “Brownouts”, as these power outages in the Philippines are called, are a common occurrence in the country especially in the southern islands like Visayas and Mindanao. Droughts are mainly the cause of these power outages. The Philippines uses hydropower to generate electricity and whenever there is a lack of rain to fill the dams, the electric companies have to ration the electricity supply they have generated.

If you have an outsourced worker that is missing work because of these power outages, don’t hold it against them as these occurrences are beyond their control. The good thing about Filipino workers is that almost all of them are honest and they will always make up for the time they missed work. Just make sure that the tasks assigned to them are being done.

Although uncommon, there are Filipino outsourced workers out there who are dishonest and just trying to make some quick money. One thing you can do to prevent these dishonest workers from taking advantage of you is to never give them your trust in the beginning. Verify first if they can be trusted. You can give a newly hired worker a 30 day trial to observe their work ethic and attitude. Almost always, dishonest workers never make it past one month. If they make it past the second to third month and you can see that they are working hard, it is relatively safe to say that they can be trusted.



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