Why Social Media Marketing Works

The Internet has greatly altered the way we approach business so it is only natural to come up with new marketing strategies that are more appropriate for the modern consumer. One of the most effective strategies is Social Media Marketing. To understand this marketing method, we must first understand the communications revolution that is Social Media.

Social Media has been defined as “the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.” Social Media is actually a broad term as it encompasses a vast scope of websites. Some examples of these would be social bookmarking websites, social news websites, social photo and video sharing websites and last but definitely not the least, social network websites.

But why focus marketing strategies on social media you might ask? The answer is simple. All the people are there.

To help us understand the effectiveness of social media marketing, let us use a social network website called Facebook as an example.

Now unless you were living under a rock, you have probably heard of Facebook. Everybody uses it. Even your grandmother has an account most likely. Now imagine you have a Facebook fanpage dedicated to your product and somebody on Facebook likes your page which lets all of their friends know about your fanpage about your product. This leads to the social reach which is the basis for marketing using social media.  Aside for actual word of mouth this is becoming a very powerful way of advertising and marketing to specific groups of people. Advertisers call it Word Of Mouth Advertising. This is also considered as the most effective advertising by the way.

This is just one example of how you can incorporate Social Media into marketing.  There are hundreds more of these Social Media websites out there you can try your marketing strategies on. You can follow the footsteps of successful companies like Amazon or you can come up with your own creative ideas. The possibilities are endless. So put on that marketing cap and go make lots of money!

The greatest thing about this is that the bulk of the time consuming work can be assigned to your VA.



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