Why Changing Your Mindset is Crucial in Outsourcing

Most people do not know this, but in order for outsourcing to be effective in any kind of business, you have to have the right mindset.

Is the idea of having your work done by other people just unimaginable?

Do you think that if you do the task yourself things will get done faster and much better?

That is the wrong mindset.

Doing all the tasks yourself presents some issues, the first is… you are doing all the tasks yourself.  Sure, you can do some tasks better and maybe even faster, but the thing is, you just can’t get it all done yourself.  If someone can do those things 80% as good as you that is good enough in many cases.

By changing how you think, you will be able to assign tasks to other people and let them do it their way or how you trained them once to do it. Of course, all the important business decisions still have to be made by you!

But the rest of the tasks you can actually outsource so you can focus on all the important core business stuff!

For the sake of illustration, here are some tasks that you can actually outsource and get good results!

1. Convert all of your videos to whatever format you like.
2. Create and encode videos including audio streaming.
3. Upload your personal pictures from your personal computer to whatever social networking site you want it to be. (Yes you can actually do that)
4. Set up an aweber mailing list.
5. Write a sales letter that is actually really good!
6. Research the next big thing in this industry so you can write an ebook about it.
7. Write that ebook.

And guess what? You do not have to know any of these things! Outsourced workers have gone through a lot of trainings so all you have to do is tell them what tasks need to get done and they will gladly do it, and very cheaply! So what are you waiting for? Change that wrong mindset and start making some serious money!

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