Typical Rates for Filipino Outsourced Workers

One of the most common questions in outsourcing is how much to pay for outsourced workers. The usual rate of Filipino outsourced workers is determined by many factors but the three most important are: the cost of living in their country, the outsourced workers’ skill level and abilities and if you are planning to keep them as a full time employee or not.

Everybody knows that the cost of living in the Philippines is a lot lower than the US and UK. The good news is the quality of work is pretty much the same or even better for just a fraction of the rate you would normally pay in your own country.

Although a lot of people are doing it, paying $200 per month for a 40-hour workweek consisting of detail-intensive work is not really enough. You have to consider that your outsourced worker has to spend money for food, utilities as well as expenses necessary for online work like computer maintenance and an internet connection and a $200 salary is hardly enough.

The old saying, “you get what you pay for” applies very much to outsourcing. Although it is true that you can hire someone to work for you for as low as $1 per hour, you cannot expect quality work. If you want an outsourced worker who is smart, trust-worthy and hard-working who is willing to grow with your business, you have to pay a little bit more.

The following is a table of suggested outsourcing rates for Filipino outsourced workers. These rates are based on research on current rates for online jobs. Bear in mind that these are just suggested rates and not obligatory.

Typical Worker Costs



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