Tips on the Process of Hiring VAs

Dealing with virtual assistants is more difficult compared to talking face-to-face with your employees. In the VA setup, your “employees” report online and you talk to them through the use of Internet communication channels. Most of the time, the communication happens by email or through social networking sites.

How do you deal with understanding people from the confines of your computer screen? Here are some outsourcing tips that can help you in hiring new VAs.

Creating a Task List

This includes writing a list of tasks that needs accomplishing. For example, you need someone to balance your business’ books of account. For the task list, you can include balancing the journal, the ledger, the cash flows, and the income flows of your company. You can also add creation of financial statements as part of the task list.

By creating a list of things to do, your VA will know specifically what needs to be done instead of having a vague idea of the job requirement.

Establish a Time Frame

Now that you have a list, you must decide if you need a temporary hire or a long-term working relationship with a future VA. In the previous example, you can opt for a VA that will work for at least a year to help you manage your books of account.

Set Up a Budget

One of the most important outsourcing tips include setting a budget. This way, you don’t go over what you can offer as salary to your virtual assistant. This also helps you filter out willing applicants from unwilling ones regarding payment terms.

Talk with Your Future VA

Now that you have posted a list of tasks, settled for a time frame and a budget, it is important to search for possible applicants. Interviewing them is a great way to know their initial personalities and work ethics.

In this step, you can also settle on the terms of the hire once you have found a fitting VA for the position. Make sure you agree on the work times, the deadlines, and the pay and its disbursement before you work together. Otherwise, things can just go sour in the middle of the term and both you and the VA end up inconveniencing one another.

Establish Trust

The working relationship between you and your VA is not just about doing the work and paying when it is due. It is also about trust. For a reason, you hired your VA because he has experiences that can add value to your business.

In that way, make sure you treat him right if you want to be treated the same. One of the most-forgotten outsourcing tips includes treating freelancers equally.

If you want to prosper and get things done, make sure your VA knows what to do. Help him when he is lost and point out mistakes in an assertive and constructive manner. As a result, the freelancer will be a good employee and he will help have more motivation to help you with your business.



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