The Best Tips for Successful Outsourcing

Now that you have read many of my blog articles, you should have a basic understanding of the advantages of outsourcing and how to find an outsourced worker. Now you are ready to start outsourcing! The following are some tips that should definitely improve your outsourcing experience.

Make sure you and your outsourced worker are on the same page

Making sure that you and your outsourced worker have come to a clear agreement about the job scope and salary to avoid any future disagreements can go a long way in a long term mutually beneficial relationship. Doing this will assure you of a harmonious working relationship between you and your worker.

Come to an Agreement With Your Outsourced Worker

One of the most important elements of subcontracting is making sure you and the subcontractor are on the same page and that there are no surprises. Keep these things on your list to help facilitate a smooth working relationship:

  • Let your outsourced worker sign a contract that both of you have agreed upon
  • Never give the full payment until the job is completely done if it is a one-off project
  • Let your outsourced worker know how and when you are going to pay him/her.
  • Have a timeline for the project
  • Make a plan on how you will be updated by your outsourced worker on project updates
  • Make everything clear about the project in writing

Safeguard Your Online Business

In outsourcing, you are assigning somebody to do things for you so make sure that the outsourced worker you are planning on hiring is very capable. Do the following steps to ensure that your reputation and work quality are protected:

  • Look for references
  • Examine your outsourced worker’s portfolio
  • Be sure to validate your outsourced worker’s abilities
  • Just to be safe, let the outsourced worker do a little test project first
  • Always check your outsourced worker’s work before submitting it to your client

Your relationship with your clients

Remember that your goal is to meet and exceed your client’s needs. The following are some tips on how to maintain a good relationship with your clients:

  • Inform your client that you are employing outsourced workers if you believe it is appropriate.
  • Inflate the time estimate given to you by the outsourced worker in your estimate for the client
  • Of course, always add time for your management duties
  • Always be responsible regarding your work AND your outsourced worker’s work

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