The Advantages of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing can be defined as outsourcing a project to a big group of people or the “crowd” in general. The “crowd” could mean freelance talent all over the world ready to take on any job that comes their way.

For example, I outsource a job of setting up a website consisting of images, text, audio and video. This job is open for anyone interested. There is no bidding or any interview of any kind. The workers or “contestants” will then compete for the job by doing all (or some) of the work in advance and I’ll pick the one who produces the best results.

Unlike outsourcing, crowdsourcing requires escrowing a prize, which the workers will compete for. It is a new feature that really makes a lot of sense when looking to get work done and getting it done by the best person.

There are so many advantages of crowdsourcing. First of all, it is cheaper. You only pay for the workers’ services when you need them, and even then, you only get to pay them if their work was chosen. You also don’t have to pay for additional expenses like vacation hours.

Second, the option for creative talent is immense. Crowdsourcing allows you access to both national and international creative talents. You can literally choose from thousands of cheap creative talent from all over the world. You can hire an excellent writer from the Philippines or hire a cheap website designer in India and get them to team up together. The possibilities are endless.

Another great advantage of crowdsourcing is that it allows you the ability to offer fresh creative work all the time. You can assign or rotate various teams to do a particular job, rather than relying on the same team which tends to dry up their creativity well sooner or later. This also gives you the chance to collaborate with creative talent of all races, disciplines and ages.



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