Outsourcing the key to duplicating yourself

If you want to make more money in your online business then the key to doing so is outsourcing. Outsourcing can be like duplicating yourself! What could be better than more than one of you? The best part is that you can outsource the tasks that you don’t like doing, aren’t good at, and the ones that don’t directly earn money. You can get things done really fast by outsourcing different parts of a project.

Let’s take a project like a website that will sell an information product.  You can outsource the creation of the information product to a writer. You can let a Virtual Assistant format it to look pretty and turn it into a PDF document that can be easily downloaded. Then you can outsource the website design to a designer, the content on the website to a copywriter, and the marketing to a online marketer. Other things to outsource are the creation of the sales page, the opt in forms, a newsletter, and essentially every aspect of this one website and information product.

  1. Website – If you use WordPress you can find many people to outsource to creating an awesome website for your products and services.
  2. Sales Pages — WordPress has plugins that enable your assistant to create wonderful sales pages, alternatively you can find templates and let your VA edit it.
  3. Content – Content writers can be found all over the net, from WAHM.com to Guru, to a simple search on Google.com for “Content Writers”. Content writers know how to write non sales blogs and articles surrounding a specific topic and keyword.
  4. Copywriting — This is specialty content that is designed to make a sale. It will be found on your website and your sales pages and other types of content but is different than an article or blog post. A copywriter is a little more expensive than a content writer but the cost is well worth it due to the higher sales you’ll receive.
  5. eReports  — These are short, usually 15 to 30 pages of information designed to give an overview of some information to your clients. Often these are given away free as a way to get someone to sign up for a newsletter. You’ll need a good writer and a good outline.
  6. eBooks — Usually more than 30 pages long goes more in-depth than an eReport, requires research, organization, and a writer who can do them.
  7. Social Media — You can outsource all your social media from Facebook, to Twitter and other types of social media to a social media specialist. You will simply need to give them information about the projects you’re working on and they can do the rest.
  8. Newsletters — No matter what project you have, you need an opt-in form and newsletter which will capture website visitors who don’t purchase right away because this is one of your best ways to get buyers. An expert can very quickly handle creating the newsletters and running services such as Aweber.
  9. Blog Posting – Some writers will post blogs and some won’t, but you can have a VA do it for you which will free you up to do other things!
  10. Article Marketing — After you have the articles written you need to distribute them across as many article banks as possible providing links back to your sales page or website.

By outsourcing these items, you can actually have multiple projects going on at one time in various stages of development. Your jobs is to create the ideas and make sure everyone else follows through. You’re the project manager, managing different people and different projects from idea to launch and beyond. By having a team of experts to outsource to, you are duplicating yourself and will increase your earnings substantially.

Everyone wants a clone of themselves to do all kinds of tasks like in the movie “Multiplicity” starting Michael Keaton. While your clone won’t look and act just like you, outsourcing to a talented professional is the next best thing to that situation. You can even find people with more skill and talent in some cases, which will make you look even better and help you create even better services and products for your customers.



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