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Welcome to the Outsourcing Tips For Success. This short course will help you get started for just a few bucks. Here is where you will find information that you can apply to your business to find people and build teams of virtual assistants and outsourced workers.

If you like what you see here you need to upgrade to Outsourcing Autopilot to put your business on autopilot.  In Outsourcing Autopilot I give you over 50 copy and paste sample job postings, over 70 interview scripts and over 60 instructional videos.  In this series of videos you will learn where to find great people, how to screen them, what questions to ask, some resources to train them.

Outsourcing Tips For Success is about your success and some basic tips to build your business with outsourcing.

Over the years we have been through the trenches with hiring and keeping virtual assistants. The information compiled here for Warrior Forum members will help you get started with outsourcing. Let’s get started!

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Outsourcing Tips for Success

This book contains specific resources and information I use in my own business.

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What to Outsource

In this video I list some common tasks and jobs you can outsource.


Communication is very important when you are outsourcing. In this video I cover the tools we use to communicate and IM with our workers.

Website Resources

In this video I list various website resources which you will find useful because some are fairly unknown resources.

Worker Management Tips for Success

In this video I give you some great tips for managing for the beginning stages of the worker evaluation stage. A trial run, documenting tasks, instant messaging tools, reporting that we help you with and finally weekly meetings. These are integral parts of the worker evaluation phase.

VA Reporting Document

Job Posting Tips

This video covers tips for screening and interviewing providers. This valuable information will help you overcome some common issues that arise.

Training Resources

Screen Capture Software – NCH Software http://www.nchsoftware.com

Skype – http://skype.com

SmartSheet – http://smartsheet.com

Google Docs – https://docs.google.com/

Google Sites – https://sites.google.com

Techsmith – Jing www.techsmith.com/Jing

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Sample Job Posting Template

This is a template you can use after you send an initial contact email to a prospective worker.  Very useful and proven template that we use.


The Story Behind Outsourcing Autopilot

In this video I share my story about the path which brought about this course.


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