Paying Your Workers

Paying your workers can sometimes be a challenge because of costs associated with sending money.  This is how I have done it over the years.

1. My first choice is  This is by far the easiest way to pay people anywhere and is generally the least expensive.  I require they send me an invoice through PayPal with a note about exactly what they did for that period of time and the date period included, generally 1 week at a time, and then I can simply pay them in a timely manner.  They will be charged for using this service which is, at the moment, a 3% fee. I will normally ask them to add that to their normal rate and pay it so they are not charged for using the service.  For example I will add $3 if their weekly pay is $75.

2. My second choice if they cannot get a PayPal account for some reason is or At the time I am writing this it is $4.99 to send money up to $2999




6. There are more out there but these are the most popular.