4 Useful Tips on Outsourcing

Over the years, a lot of big companies have been resorting to outsourcing to cut costs on manual and intellectual labor. But outsourcing is not exclusive to big companies only.  Small companies can also benefit from this if they know how to utilize it properly.

I have outsourced countless of projects over the years and have been exposed to various projects. By trial and error, and lots of experience, I have mastered the art outsourcing. The following are 4 very useful tips I would give for those who are thinking of outsourcing their projects:

  1. Be very specific in what you want.
  2. Include descriptions.  Add details like how the project should be done, what it should look like and where everything should go.
  3. Include visual aids. This is very helpful in conveying your ideas. Your projects will go more smoothly if you use Photoshop representation of your projects. Just make sure that you know what you want to be achieved.  Just make things as clear as possible and let your outsourced workers do their magic.
  4. Always haggle. Countries outside the US, especially under-developed ones, are used to haggling. It is part of their everyday life. The same goes for outsourcing. Oftentimes, programmers will quote a price that is way too high. Do not be afraid to haggle. In fact, get used to haggling and be good at it!

If there is anything I have learned. It is that for a project to be successful, it must be planned carefully. Not doing so will only result in wasted time and money. A carefully planned project will go smoothly, cost less and will get done quicker since your outsourced workers will know exactly what to do.



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