Learn How to Recruit the Right VAs

 Creating a startup online business venture requires a lot of effort. You need to focus on getting work done while making sure the administrative side of the business also gets accomplished. You can do the administrative tasks yourself, but these things can take time. You can try outsourcing to VAs instead and pay for a fee.

What is a VA?

        VA stands for a virtual assistant. They are hired to take care of the administrative side of a business. Since most VAs work from a home office, you need to get in touch with them online to relegate specific jobs.

Where to Look For Virtual Assistants

        VAs are dime a dozen in freelancing websites such as oDesk, eLance, Freelancers, and Guru. You can try these online markets to look for virtual assistants yourself. Many of these websites have freelancers who have varying rates per hour so you will have many options according to your business budget.

How to Hire Virtual Assistants

        Outsourcing to VAs is a tricky task. First, you have to make sure you get the right person for the job to truly save time and effort. Otherwise, you will lose by hiring a person who does not have a clue what to do next.

        To facilitate hiring, you can do the following steps.

  1. Write a valid job description. Include needed qualifications, experience level, and the type of tasks you are assigning your future VA.
  2. Go to the specific freelance service market of your choice. From there, use the filter option to initially get names of pre-qualified individuals. You can also wait for applications but these can take time to accumulate.
  3. Begin contacting pre-hires or wait for qualified persons apply for the job ad. Most of the communication should be inside the freelance website as part of their terms of condition.
  4. Communication channels outside the freelance website such as email, Facebook, and Skype can be used once you hire someone you think is right for the job.

Qualities to Look for in Your VA

        The most important aspect your VA should have is proper work experience and qualification. These are important to ensure they know how to do the kind of work you want done. Qualities such as punctuality, diligence, and approachability also matter as secondary factors.

        You have to make sure that your chosen VA is hard-working and will submit work on time all the time.

Virtual Assistant Hiring Tips

        Most freelance websites have a rating system. You can use this is searching for future VAs that have outstanding feedback from their previous employers. Most of the time, VAs that are rated highly perform well and are worth your money.


        Outsourcing to VAs is a growing trend for small business owners nowadays. Compared to traditional hiring, paying virtual assistants are cheaper and more efficient. You will only pay them according to the workload you give them.

        Of course, rewarding your VA will also have benefits. Once you establish a long-time working relationship with your VA, your tasks will get fewer so you can focus your attention doing the important work of the business.



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