Know when and what to outsource

Before you outsource any task in your business you need to decide what types of things you will outsource. It is important to create systems and procedures for the tasks before you outsource so that outsourcing will go smoothly. Having no idea how something is done, or what your expectations are will often cause issues with outsourcing. You don’t have to know exactly every step of the process to outsource it, but you should develop a general idea of procedures so that you know what to expect.

Before you outsource anything consider:

Goals — What do you hope to achieve by outsourcing a specific task?

Objectives — What is the outcome you expect?

Success Factors — What constitutes success when you outsource?

Expectations — What do you expect from the provider you outsource to?

Additionally, when you outsource you should only outsource your weaknesses and stick to doing whatever is your strength. If you’re a great graphic designer, don’t outsource graphic design, instead outsource customer service, marketing, and other aspects of your business. Graphic design would be your core competency and something you should stick to doing.

If you’re an Internet Marketer, your core competency or major skill and strength might be in idea or product creation. If you are great at coming up with ideas for products, then that is what you should do, then outsource everything else. You can create outlines and rough out the components of any product then outsource it to those who can create it whether it is an information product, software, or something else entirely.

The way to identify what to outsource is identify your strengths and weaknesses, or even just likes and dislikes. Get a piece of paper, or make a chart on your computer showing tasks that you do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc… in your business. For those that are regular recurring tasks create systems for them which make it simple for someone else to do if needed. For specialized tasks that only you can do, or another expert, identify them too.

Once you’ve identified tasks that are divided among strengths and weaknesses or likes and dislikes or core competencies and busy work, then you can start deciding what you will outsource. Naturally, you will outsource those things you dislike doing, or for which you aren’t as skillful at doing first. Then, you can focus on what you like doing and what you do best instead of this other work.

If you find that you’re working 24/7 but barely getting anything done then it’s time to sit down and determine the best things to outsource in your business. You might be afraid about spending the money on outsourcing, but if you do your due diligence and give it thought and planning before starting you will find that you will make more money than before, plus have more freedom than you ever thought possible as a business owner. You’ll become a manager of your business instead of a slave to it within months if you create a plan to outsource tasks in your online business.



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