Important Skills to Look For in a VA

Any virtual assistant can promise you that he or she is a diligent, hard-working, persevering, punctual, and easy-to-talk-to type of individual. Unfortunately, most of these claims are not true in real life. They mostly say that at the start but it completely becomes different during the middle of their working term.

Beware of the Traps

        In hiring VAs, you need to separate the ones worth your time to the ones who do not deliver in quality and work ethics. It is extremely costly to hire somebody who will underperform; not to mention, it is also inconvenient.

        Before you fall in another VA trap, consider looking for the following skills first before hiring somebody. This in turn, will save you time and resources in the process.

Work Skills

  1. Good Communication Skills

This should be the main skill to look for when hiring VAs. Your future assistant must be easy to talk to, understandable, and knows how to follow directions. It is a useless thing to argue about deadlines, jobs, and work quality since time is wasted.

Make sure you hire someone who understands what you want to accomplish and how you want it done. It will be easier to communicate with someone who has an open mind and pleasing personality.

  1. Organization

Basic organizational skills will suffice in hiring virtual assistants. As long as he or she can keep track of things to do and corresponding deadlines, the better chances of working with him or her.

  1. Writing and Editing

Make sure that you are hiring VAs who has a good grasp of the language. As a result, they can be expected to have good writing skills which are essential in preparing reports, analyses, and research.

  1. Data Entry

Great VAs knows their way in editing and inserting data into forms and databases. This is an easy skill but nonetheless important that your virtual assistant should have.

  1. Fast Typing Skill

As a minimum, your VA should have at least a typing capacity of 50 words per minute. Anything less than that is too slow for your needs. You can determine the typing skill by letting your VA take a test online so you can see his or her results.

  1. Computer Skills

Your VA will spend most of his or her time in front of a computer so it’s necessary that he or she knows how to operate one. Make sure he or she is competent with basic office applications as a minimum criteria.

  1. Desktop Publishing

This skill requires knowing how to create newsletters, brochures, magazine layouts and more. Typically, these jobs can be done by using MS Publisher so it’s easier now.

Work Ethics

        Some of the basic work ethics your VA should have include diligence, punctuality, and passion for quality. Most of the time, you can base this on his or her profile rating indicated in his or her page at your chosen freelancing website. You can also require samples of previous work just in case you want some physical proof of your VA’s ethics.



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