How to Make the Most of your VAs

Virtual assistants are the new normal for startup businesses. Instead of hiring directly from the job market, VAs prove to be the economical choice for those who are new in establishing their business.

Even if the rates of a VA are typically cheaper, it is still recommended that you get the most out of every penny you pay. Below are some tips on how to do this.

  1. Pay by the hour.

If you want to get the most of your outsourcing services contract, pay by the hour instead of doing a per-project basis. Doing this has a few benefits. One of this includes meeting deadlines sooner than later. You also eliminate room for procrastination by making sure your VA accomplishes his work within the time frame allocated.

You can make it easier and more efficient by laying down step-by-step the things you need to get done. Then, give it to your VA before starting work so he would know how to divide them in bite-sized pieces until he accomplishes the to-do list.

  1. Think of the connection as a long-term thing.

Your VA will think it more than just rendering outsourcing services if you have a professional working relationship. Consider having your VA for a long term period especially if he is really good. If he deserves it, you can even give a few monetary benefits on top of his per hour pay.

As a result, you can build the morale and confidence of your VA. This can affect him in a way that he will be more willing to work for you and achieve the goals you have set for the business.

  1. Invest a portion of your time to teach them.

It is assumed that the VA knows how to do his work when you were interviewing him for the outsourcing services of your company. Of course, it is not good to assume that he knows everything there is in providing business support.

Provide a good working environment by teaching him once in awhile in specific areas that needs improvement. Aside from providing livelihood to freelancers, you can help them by enriching their skills. As a result, they would be satisfied both financially and emotionally since they learned new things in the experience.

  1. Give constructive criticism.

Prevent berating your VA when he submits the wrong kind of work. Instead, give him a second chance to redeem himself. If he really submits the same work quality, then maybe he is not the right person for the job after all.

In instances where errors are made, assert yourself by providing constructive criticism and pointing out the mistakes. Do not be afraid to bring this up nor does it mean it’s your perfect opportunity to rant. Assume the best in people so that they will have the chance to make it right when needed.


Making the most of your VA means being a person capable of understanding and helping them grow. As an entrepreneur, you know better how it is important to enrich your resources so that they can help you attain your goals and reach milestones in the business.



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