How to Find the Right VA

Through the use of outsourcing services we can finish our other tasks completely and we will be able to save a lot of time. Over the past couple of years, large companies relied on outsource groups in order to cut down expenses in terms of manual labor. Through the use of outsourcing, companies will be able to save more and they will be able to utilize their focus on other relevant projects.

So, the question that we need to face today is how to find the right assistant? A virtual assistant can help us complete several tasks, especially when we are always busy. Of course, the best place to find a VA is still through the net. There are dozens of websites which can help us get the best assistant and we do not need to pay anything. Most social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter have a virtual assistant group which we can visit. Such networking sites are home to millions of individuals who are looking for work.

Along with social sites, we can rely on our good friend Google to show us websites with outsourcing services. Several social sites include virtual assistance and virtual bookkeepers who can help us complete the job on time. Lastly, most freelance websites and forums have virtual assistant lists. For instance, Elance has a virtual assistant list where we can just pick the assistant that we want to hire. Craiglist and the Chamber of Commerce Virtual Assistance site could also be good placess to visit.

Once we have accessed such websites, the first thing that we need to do is to list down some questions to ask once we interview the applicants. We need to ask about the computer programs that they use as well as the type of languages that they can speak. Most virtual assistants have references and most of them have confidentiality agreements. We need to ask those things in order to be safe once we hire them. We also need to ask their past experiences with other companies, other industries which they have entered and if they can be subcontracted to complete other tasks.

Usually, the interviews should be done through the phone so that we can get the right answers from our applicants. As we talk to them on the phone we can also offer several types of information to them and we can even talk to them about their expectations. Once all the things are settled and the assistant is ready to work then the next thing that we need to handle is their hourly rate. Usually, virtual assistants work for $10 to $50 per hour, depending on the type of deal that we set. Payments depend on the type of work that they will do, namely if they will be doing data entry, social media marketing, SEO tasks or simply customer service. Most outsourcing services and companies also have a list of payments that we need to include once we have hired one of their virtual assistants.



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