Finding the Top Russian Programmers

A lot of people are asking if it is it true that you can hire Russian programmers for half the
price of American programmers with the same level of skills if not better? The answer is, yes, but it is
not that easy. The trick is knowing exactly where to find the right people for the job. By knowing where
to spend your valuable time recruiting, interviewing and selecting prospect employers, you will save a
lot of time and effort.

Typical Russian Programmer Rates

Rates typically depend on where in Russia or the Former Soviet Union the programmer resides. In places
like Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus for instance, the salaries of programmers are notably lower than
Moscow. As a matter of fact, salaries in Moscow and the US do not differ a lot, so try to avoid getting
programmers from there.

Salaries for programmers from areas of the Former Soviet Union may vary depending on some
factors. Always remember though that their local companies offer salaries 10-40% lower than these
figures. Here are some ballpark figures of programmers’ salaries from Russia and the Former Soviet

Php programmers $1500-$2500 USD per month
C++ programmers $2000 – $3000 USD per month
J2E programmer $2000 – $3000 USD per month
Web developer $1200 – $2200 USD per month

Evaluating the Prospect Programmers

A good way to evaluate a prospect programmer is by giving them a short test. You can ask a local
American programmer to come up with a test that will measure a programmer’s skill and ability and
give this test to all your prospect employees. Another way of gauging a prospect programmer’s abilities
and skill is by working together on a short project. By doing this, you can also see how well you work wit
each other.

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