Elance updates!

New Elance Updates

I just logged into my elance account can they have some great new features.  Here is the blog post about the new stuff: http://www.elance.com/p/blog/2011/09/introducing-jobs-templates-and-my-applications.html

I love this new organization app because it is always difficult to communicate without seeing screen shots or something visual, the more tools like this the better in my opinion.

With today’s release, we’d like to a new feature to the site—My Apps, a new suite of robust applications to help get your work done more efficiently and effectively.

My Apps
With our new My Applications feature (located in the Resources dropdown menu in our navigation bar), we have incorporated more tools on Elance to help get your projects completed, including new productivity applications that will keep you better organized, allow you to share screens for enhanced collaboration, and participate in video chat to keep you in regular communication with your team—all from your Workroom.

This is a great productivity tool that I am psyched they have included.  If you use Elance primarily to manage all of your projects, or just some of them, this will be very handy.
To Do List
Elance To Do List improves collaboration amongst Workroom users by creating tasks, assigning them to users and tracking the status. To Do List also has a separate page for each Workroom which is accessible by default to every user assigned to them.

  • Create new tasks & assign them to any Workroom user.
  • Track tasks created within a Workroom & view your complete history of events.
  • Archive/unarchive tasks.
  • Automate Workroom messages & alerts for certain task-related events.

How cool is this?  Video Conferencing like Skype built right into Elance, that is sweet!

Elance Video Conferencing
Our new video conferencing application makes it easy to add flexible, multi-way video chat to your Workroom and allow live, group video conversations. By bringing human interaction into your communication, you’ll be able to share ideas more freely than ever, and finally be able to talk face-to-face with your team.

  • Create new video conferencing sessions using Workroom interface and easily invite Workroom users to video chat.
  • Join conference sessions already in-progress.

Great tool for us developers and techie types…

Codesion for Elance makes managing code in collaborative workgrounds a simpler, seamless process. You can manage your code creation intelligently, intergrate with management tools like Basecamp, Rally, Atlassian JIRA and VersionOne, and FTP deploy software to your live system.

  • Secure and reliable repository hosting in the cloud.
  • Manage Codesion projects and users using Elance features.
  • 2 users, 2 repositories and 2 GB storage for 1 year following your free trial
  • Personalized repository URL such as https://mycompany.svn.codesion.com.

This is another great collaboration tool, good stuff Elance!

Use join.me’s simple screen sharing tool for everything from reviewing documents and designs, to demoing work on the fly. join.me will be added to the My Applications suite shortly—please check back soon!

For more information on our new features, please log in and view the full Release Notes here.



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