Challenges With Outsourcing For Your Business

Everyone tells you that in order to grow your business, especially if you have an internet business, that you need to outsource as much as possible.

On paper, that seems like a great idea, right? Outsource all of the tasks that you hate for pennies and turn your business into a million dollar operation over night.

Well, I wish it were that simple. The truth is that outsourcing isn’t quite as simple and painless as it sounds. Here are three common problems that many people run into when they start to outsource business tasks.

Problem #1 Time Difference

Most of the individuals and companies that provide outsourcing service are in a different country, often the Philippines, India or another remote part of the world. While their services are cheap, remember that they aren’t working in your time zone, thus communication can be difficult, since they are working at 8 AM their time and midnight your time.

Problem #2 Technical Difficulties

Most of the outsources can afford to work for pennies because they live in a third world country. That means that their electric, telephone and internet services will also be third world. You can expect interruptions in service and missed deadlines.

You can expect them not showing up to work because there was no power for 3 days. Usually, there aren’t too many apologies either, because in their world, it’s normal. This can be really challenging if you are used to operating by deadlines and need to have things done within a certain time frame.

Problem #3 Cultural Differences

Expect differences in work hours, work days, days off and pay schedules. NEVER assume that they will work Monday through Friday and never assume that their holidays are the same as yours. Some outsourcers live in countries that may take an entire week or even a month off for religious holidays or other national events.

Pay schedules and expectations need to all be spelled out in advance, too. Some countries expect, or rather demand, a yearly bonus to the equivalent of a months wages. This can be a shock on both parties if this isn’t talked about up front.

Outsources can work, especially when you are aware of the challenges right up front. Doing your research and knowing what you can and can’t expect right up front will help your experience be a lot smoother and seamless as you transition into outsourcing your business tasks.



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