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Methods in outsourcingLive like the new rich using outsourcing.

Increase your free time, income and lifestyle with the system.


What is Outsourcing Autopilot?

A: It is a membership website with over 50 individual videos, over 150 documents to copy and paste and some never before seen strategies and tips.

Who is behind this product?

A: Jason Ohrum is the creator of this product. He has been using outsourcing and virtual assistants in his business for a few years. He has been through the ups, downs and everything in between. That is why he put this course together. It contains a lot of information he wishes he would have had when he started outsourcing.

Where can this product be used in business?

A: The information in this product can be used in any business that has jobs to be done on a computer. If you can do it from a computer you can outsource it.

What would be the benefit of outsourcing.

A: By incorporating outsourcing into a business you can cut down on overhead, incorporate professionals into the business to handle high skill level tasks and free up time so the owners and managers can focus on building their business.

When can someone start using outsourcing?

A: This depends on their knowledge and level of confidence doing all of the things necessary to prepare for everything you should know before getting started. This is why it is important to learn what you can about it through courses like Outsourcing Autopilot.

Promotion tips:

This course has never before heard tips and tricks to hire workers, keep them and manage them long term. It is important to have some instruction and advice before starting to hire a bunch of workers. There are dangers to outsourcing if you are not careful and follow the proper steps and take the proper precautions. Point this out to them, create a sense of loss if they don’t use this course when they are thinking about outsourcing.

The New Rich – this concept is also a great way to sell the concept of outsourcing. Tim Ferris coined the term so it is widely known.

Lifestyle – This is another term people will relate to. Outsourcing can free up valuable time to do the things you want to do.

New Economy is also a way to think about what outsourcing can help with small business success. As budgets are tighter this is an excellent way to reduce overhead costs.

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Hey {firstname},

Wow, let me tell you about a recent project I recently completed using my outsourcing system that made me over $3,500 profit! It is a great example of what you can do over and over again if you use outsourcing correctly in your business.
You see, I’m in the website design and web services businesses where I build websites for clients, help them with marketing, blah, blah blah (well yes Im in the business, but I do very little of the work). Back to my story, the project was a design project that needed some technical flash work done and took about 2 weeks to complete.

I paid a Filipino programmer less than one quarter of that price to do the project from start to finish without much of my time involved. The beauty of the system I use to implement this project, or any other project or task within my business, is that I don’t have to do the work! (shhh, keep that between you and me, I don’t want my clients hearing that)….

So here is the breakdown… I charged $4,000, paid $500 for the work to get done, and made $3,500 PROFIT!
I have used outsourcing like this to increase my revenue significantly over the years. Instead of relying on my own time I can clone myself. I can find other people to get the work done for me so I can focus on growing my business.
jason, The benefits of outsourcing are numerous. In addition to the financial gains there are other things like getting the perfect person to do the tasks that you don’t like or don’t know how to do. This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest concepts in outsourcing.

Oh and by the way, tomorrow I will show you my exact systems on exactly how I do all of this, replicate it and incorporate it in to your own business, Stay Tuned!!

In the mean time, I have another post on my blog you will want to check out. It is an interview with a freelancer who shares some great information about the “other side”, important things about the other side that we as employers will want to keep in mind.

Yours in success!


Hi {firstname}, it’s {yourname}…

So many people have been waiting and asking for it….it’s now available!!!
Just wanted to tell you that the Outsourcing Autopilot system is OPEN, but not for long.

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The team looks forward to helping you change the way you look at doing business and improve your lifestyle and increase your income.
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Full details in the video on that page. Can’t wait to start working with you!


Yours in success!


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Matt said: Your content is definitely next level which is why folks are purchasing your course and you are obviously passionate about your product too which is a huge aspect!

More to come…

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