5 Tips for Stress-free Outsourcing

If you are an online business owner like me, you know what I am talking about when I say that I have far more to do than I can possibly ever get done. So the only way to keep your business growing and free up some time is for you to get help.

Fortunately for online business owners like us, we do not have to spend a ton of money paying full time employees. As an alternative, you can outsource various tasks and projects to cheap but very reliable offshore online workers.

These outsourced workers are heaven sent and can do wonders for your business– as long as you clearly communicate your needs to them. Here are 10 tips that will surely make your outsourcing experience run smooth and easy.

1. Make sure you have a checklist and how-to documents for those tasks that are recurring.

The best way to go about this is to document each task as you are going through them. The good thing about having your tasks documented is that when the time comes for outsourcing, you will already have a guide for your workers. You only need to make these documents once.

2. Make sure that you have a descriptive project title in your requests.

Doing this will assure that you and your outsourced worker are always on the same page. Avoid using titles that are so generic like “New Task” as it is so easy to get lost. Plus you’ll have a hard time looking for it later if ever it gets lost.

3. Always put a due date on your titles, subject line and the body of the document.

This is very important. Doing this makes it very clear to your worker about your project  and task deadlines.

4. With each new task you assign, include an overview of it.

By doing this, your outsourced worker will be able to see the bigger picture. This will also enable them to make better decisions and do the tasks correctly. Just compose a sentence or two about what you are trying to accomplish.

5. Be an attentive manager.

Just because you outsource your tasks, it does not mean that you have no part in it. Make sure that you thoroughly check your outsourcer’s work every time they submit it to you.



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