4 Things You Should Do When Hiring A Programmer

#1: Think About the End User

One of the worst things that an internet business owner could possibly make is failing to understand
that the focus of the project is the experience of the consumer when using your product software. Your
software could be very fancy and technical but if it does not comply with the consumer’s expectations
and needs, all your efforts will be useless and your software will fail as a product.

To avoid this error is to first identify what the consumer needs. Take time to ask and listen to
consumers. Ask them questions like:

• What should a software’s capabilities be?
• What sort of software applications would be very useful?
• How should a software interact with the user?

The next important step you should take is to convey your vision to the programmers who will be involved with this project. Hire programmers that you believe will be able to pull off the job.

#2: Be Realistic

People who are new in this business usually make this error. They engage in a project with unrealistic goals or projects which are not feasible at all. Another common error is that business owners think that programmers are mind readers and do not need any guidance from them.

To avoid failure, make sure to have a detailed plan on how you should realize your goals. Take time to explain to your programmers what you expect from them. Also make sure that you provide your programmers all the tools that are essential for the development of your project.

#3: Don’t Underestimate the Difficulty of Your Project

Another common error that internet business owners do all the time is the habit of underestimating the difficulty of their project. Once that takes place the following scenarios might occur:

• Your programmer will work like a dog in order to finish the work but might start to show some anamosity. You can consider giving your programmer a bonus if you think the project was beyond what was initially planned.
• Be careful that your programmer doesn’t cut corners in the process. The result is a disappointing inferior product.
• Another issue that sometimes happens is that the programmer will see the situation as unfair and decides to abandon the project, forcing you to find another outsourced programmer.

Having a good idea of how big your project is and how long it might take a programmer to finish it is always a good idea. It will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

#4: Be Clear on Project Specifications

Outsourced workers are usually from other countries so the language barrier might pose some problems. A phrase or a word in the project document can be in danger of being interpreted differently and might cause the project to go in a direction different from yours. To avoid this make sure that you do the following:

• Make the project description clear and easy to understand.
• Ask your programmer questions about your project. This will show you if the programmer truly understands what you are trying to accomplish.
• Always communicate with your programmer. This way, you can keep track with how the project is going. If the project is going off track, you can address the issue before too much time and effort is wasted.

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