4 Surefire Methods to Draw Traffic to Your Website

Everybody knows that if you own a website or if you have any kind of content posted on the internet, traffic means everything. Traffic after all is the lifeblood that keeps websites alive. Just like how any brick and mortar stores need customers coming in and out to make sales, websites also need traffic to make profit. Here are four surefire methods you can apply to draw more traffic to your website or blog.

Method 1: SEO

The first method that is sure to draw more traffic for you is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO in a nutshell means the process of ensuring a website or a blog can easily be found in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing when certain words or phrases(keywords) are typed in by people. Good SEO is needed for a website or a blog to rank high in search engine results pages or SERP of search engines.

Method 2: Social Media

Another method that can make a lot of difference in you website rankings is social media marketing. According to a survey conducted by a reliable customer relationship management firm, 75% of all consumers use social media to acquire information about products and services. Hence, it is only natural that almost all internet businesses today have set up Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

But this is not as easy as you might think. Setting up social media accounts is not enough. They have to be properly managed. Posts and news about your products need to be updated regularly. Comments and complaints need to be taken care of immediately. It is important to remember that with social media marketing, your reputation is always on the line since everything can go viral in an instant.

Method 3: PPC Ads

Pay-per-click advertising or PPC is another effective method of drawing traffic. What happens is your website visitors are shown ads that leads to another website, blog or a landing page. If an ad is clicked, the affiliate network pays you a certain amount of money for leading your visitor to a certain website or blog. Two examples of PPC advertising are Google AdWords and Facebook ads.

Method 4: Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most highly misused and misunderstood methods of drawing traffic to your website. The common mistake of many website owners and bloggers is overwhelming their subscribers with over-hyped and spammy emails. It is important to understand that every consumer is looking for something that is informative and enriching at the same time. They want to be taught about something useful. They want to be advised about a certain product or service. Even an account of something funny that happened to you will be way better than an email that does not contain any real information and lots of links. That is why your subscriber emails should be focused about giving valuable information to the reader rather than selling a product. Always remember that an email with valuable information is more engaging than any fancy spammy email.

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