4 More Tasks You can Outsource

Website Registration

Almost all websites require you to be a registered member first before being granted access to additional information, articles and newsletters. Going through all the registration process of many websites can be very tiresome and tedious. But the good news is you can outsource this particular task! Just make a list of all the websites you want to register to, together with your contact information and details and let a Virtual Assistant do the rest!  You can also assign the virtual assistant to look for relevant sites that you are not a member of and sign you up there too.

Gather Contact Details

A virtual assistant is very useful when it comes to gathering information you need. Let us say that you need information of a new or prospective client. You can ask your V.A. to gather all the necessary information like phone numbers, email addresses and links to social media. The gathered information can then be entered into spreadsheets, documents or address books.

Submit Articles

Submitting articles to various article directories, press release sites or blogs is a good way to reach people and generate some traffic to your website. There are literally hundreds of directories. Submitting to each one of them can be very time-consuming and tiresome. You can make this easier on your part by letting a V.A. handle this process. Just provide your V.A. with the articles and let him/her submit it to all the directories.

Set up Meetings

Every businessman knows that a meeting that is planned and executed well is very beneficial to your business. Each meeting-whether it is with a new client or a prospective client can make or break your business so make sure that your meetings are well thought of. This is where a V.A. can be very useful. He/she can look for the right venues online, get reservations and even contact the participants to schedule the appointment. Letting your virtual Assistant handle these details will allow you to focus on what is important like your goals at your meetings.

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