3 Things a Virtual Administrative Assistant can do for You

Manage Your Voicemails

If you receive a lot of voice mails then you could really use a virtual assistant. There is nothing more annoying than having to check a lot of messages especially if you are in meetings all day. You can instruct your VA to check your voicemails according to the schedule you set and how your messages should be prioritized. They can even be asked to send you summaries of your voicemails through emails when you are not in a position to take calls. VA’s can also return emergency calls for you and save the important or sensitive calls that you should make whenever you have the chance.

Manage your Emails

It can be very hard to keep track of your emails especially if you get them in by the hundreds every single day. But the good thing is many of these emails are actually routine emails. With your guidance, your VA can easily respond to these emails. All you really have to respond to are those emails that are personal or unique emails which require your personal attention.   You can even ask your VA to sort through your emails and have them forward you only the personal ones so that you never have to deal with the other emails. If you need to forward the same message to a hundred different people, your VA can do that for you too.

Wake up Calls

Do you have to be on an important meeting tomorrow early morning? Or do you want to be woken up early every morning for your daily jog? No problem! Now that you have a VA, you do not need to set your alarm clock every time you need to wake up on time! Your VA can serve as your personal wake up call and can even be asked to remind you where you have to be or which appointment you have to attend.

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